Q. Can anyone be married at St Paul’s, what does it cost and what do I have to do to start things moving?
A. One of the couple wanting to get married at St Paul’s needs to live in the parish of Penketh. If you both live outside the parish,it’s still possible to be married at St Paul’s if you start coming to Sunday worship. (10:00am Sunday morning) We love weddings and have had some great ones here, the videos of the service come out well and the church garden (if the sun is shining!) is a great backdrop for photographs. We like the Swiss custom of an “apero” and are happy to put up a gazebo in the garden for light refreshments for everyone who comes to the service (very welcome if they have not been invited to the reception).

We try and keep the cost as low as possible as couples at this stage often don’t have much money, have in mind 240 or so - can’t do fairer than that! It’s a little more involved if one (or both) of the couple have been married on another occasion and that has sadly ended in divorce. The vicar has to ask the bishop’s permission but we’ll go into that later (if it applies to you).

The next move is to have a chat with the vicar (tel. 723492): it’s good not to leave this until the last minute because it takes a bit of time getting to know you both and planning together what will be a memorable occasion. Some couples have given 2 years notice!, but normally 6 months from the first point of contact is fine - but we can cope with less notice than this.

Q. I live in Penketh but am getting married at another church; how do I go about getting my banns published at St Paul’s?
A. Give the church office a ring (791164). Unless it’s a Wednesday or Friday you’ll get an answerphone but we’ll get back in touch with you ASAP.

Q. Aside from the service do you offer any other facilities?
A. We have facilities to create a full wedding package, including service at church and reception (with catering at the Oaks Centre, nearby), all at a cost that will not break the bank. Contact the church office/Oaks centre for more information.