New building

St. Paul's New Church Building

We need a new building! The existing one is closed pending demolition - it was well past its design lifetime and did not meet the current and future needs of the congregation or the community.

We have made a lot of progress already. Architects Studio plan A have developed a design for which we have obtained planning permission for the Council, though with conditions attached that significantly add to our costs. It is, however, much more than a place to hold our services - it is a Community Church Base offering many facilities that complement and extend those of the Oaks Centre, and our aim is that it be open 7 days a week.

Generous giving from the congregation and fundraising in the community has raised over £460,000 to date, and this figure keeps growing. The current sale of the Manna House is expected to raise a further £155,000 once costs have been deducted. We have applied to a range of charitable trusts and foundations. So far we have received one grant and three pledges, totalling £57,500, along with over 10 rejections. Several other applications can be made for elements of the project now that we have more detailed costings.

The total original project cost was estimated professionally at £750,000 potentially rising to £830,000 as a result mainly of the planning conditions. However, six tenders have been received covering a range from £950,000 to £1.5m. We are told that inflation in the construction industry is currently running at up to 10% per year. In order to minimise further delay and price increases, the PCC has decided to proceed with demolition, and construction of the shell of the new building, costing just over £600,000, and then to fit out the new building, probably under several separate contracts. We hope to deliver savings, though it is clear that we have some way to go in obtaining all funds needed for the building to be brought into use.

The following documents give much more detail about our plans and aspirations for the new building. 

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To see how the footprints compare between the new building, the 1890s Church and the Church building currently occupying the site, click here:

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