Q: Do you have to be a churchgoer to be able to have your funeral in church?
A: Not if that’s where you would like your funeral (or that of someone else) to be held.
The advantage is that you can have a longer service time (than the 20 minutes allowed at the crematorium). Also, some more elderly friends living in Penketh would probably find the local church more accessible than the crematorium at Walton Lea, or burial elsewhere. (Note: St Paul’s does not have its own burial grounds)
The disadvantage is that you have to get in and out of the limousine 3 times instead of 2!

Q: Should I ask for a non-religious funeral if my family are not churchgoers?
A: The funeral service does not necessarily assume the deceased is a believer. Many families with few or no links with St Paul’s have found that their service taken by the vicar has been a time of great thanksgiving and great comfort. Unless I was a very determined unbeliever, I would far rather keep my options open rather than have a service that made no mention of God or the afterlife.

Q: Is there a set charge for a funeral?
A: By far the greater part of the funeral is the fee to be paid to the undertaker. Having just lost a family member is not the time for ringing round undertakers comparing prices: the vicar has his preferences based on comparative costs and the level of care provided. The fee payable to the clergy for a service at the crematorium is a fixed fee (and it’s less than the fee for a non-religious service). The current fees payable for a service at St Paul’s or at the crematorium are available from the church office (01925 791164, Wednesdays and Fridays best, but there is an answer phone and someone will ring you back)