Sub Groups

Our Sub Groups came properly into existence on September 3rd 2013, when the groups met for the first time.

There are 8 sub groups altogether, each involved in a different aspect of church life. They are:-

  • Social Events
  • Children's and Youth Work
  • Cell Groups & Pastoral Care within the body
  • Outreach in the Manna House & Oaks
  • Outreach to the Community & Worldwide
  • Worship
  • Communication
  • Buildings.

Some of the groups, such as Communication & Buildings have only a small number of members, while others have a larger membership (e.g.Social Events). The majority of church members opted to be part of one or more of these groups, which will meet every other month. The remit of the groups is to come up with ways that new life can be brought into all these areas of church life, and hopefully new people will be attracted to the church as a result.

Any member of St Paul's who has not yet chosen a group is still welcome to come along to whichever one they would feel most at home with.

The next meeting for most of the groups is November 5th. Contact the church office or vicar for further information.